Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keeping Your Cool

"Buzz up!

With global temperatures continuing to climb, more and more people are suffering under scorching, and sometimes lethal, heat waves. You don't have to shut yourself indoors with a wet towel around your neck and the air conditioner on full blast in order to get through summer, however.

Close Your Curtains. Many people seem to think that curtains and blinds were invented just for privacy or to make rooms look pretty. But consider their alternative name: "shades." In the summer, put up light-colored window coverings, and close them when the sun is shining through. When the window frame is shaded, open them up.

Ventilate Smart. When the air is cool in mornings or evenings, open up your windows. Prop them open on opposite sides of rooms to promote cross ventilation, and use fans to alternately push or pull air from outside in.

Given the fact that we come from a tropical country, we're no strangers to heat. But we use a lot of electricity combating that and make it cooler in our homes. We can, but we can definitely do that with a greener perspective. More Tips here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank You donors (update on donation drive)

For those who may have forgotten, Western Visayas was hit a few months back by Bagyo Frank, which resulted to a ravaged and devastated land. While the storm may have come and gone, many families and their livelihood were ruined, and given the slow progress of help, most villages, especially those far-flung form the cities, rarely or never got the help they so needed.

A few days after that happened, my friend Jason and I organized a care package of old clothes and food stock to send out to Iloilo, and we asked you guys to donate, through clothes or food stock. The response, however short the notice, was very positive, and we sincerely thank you all. We came up with a whopping 11 boxes' worth of donated clothes and other items, which was divided among the baranggays.

Our donations were sent out to families in the far-flung baranggays of Lantangan and Gabi, Carles, through a joint outreach program by the WVSU (through the efforts of the College of Arts&Sciences Graduate Studies - Public Governance), TESDA, Philippine National Red Cross, PCSO, NMYL (Iloilo Chapter) and PAMET (Iloilo Chapter). It is congruence to their program which not only gave families clothing and food supplies, but also provided a free medical checkup, and seminars on alternative livelihood programs, First Aid and Basic Life Support, et al.

It is with great honor and pleasure to have NGOs, schools and valiant individuals help in the cause of helping out these people --- i would like to thank everybody who lent a helping hand, through cash or kind, or even through prayer to those who were affected.

For more pictures, please check it here.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How Green Are you? Test your Eco-Knowledge.

True or False? The Earth receives more energy from the sun in one day than the world uses in a year.

Test your KNowledge and separate Eco-fact from Fiction and start saving the planet Now.
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